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Diervoeders - Bepaling van de aflatoxin B1

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Commissie Diervoeder
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2005
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This International Standard describes the determination of aflatoxin B1 in animal feed. This International Standard is based on [1]. The limit of quantification of this International Standard has been demonstrated to be better than 0,5 µg/kg for aflatoxin B1 for a signal to noise ratio of 6. This method requires the use of solutions of aflatoxin B1. Aflatoxins are carcinogenic to humans. Attention is drawn to the statement made by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO) [2]. Aflatoxins are subject to light degradation. Protect analytical work adequately from the daylight, and keep aflatoxin standard solutions protected from light by using amber vials or aluminium foil. The use of non acid-washed glassware (e.g. vials, tubes, flasks) for aflatoxin aqueous solutions may cause a loss of aflatoxin. Special attention should be taken with new glassware. Thus, before use, soak the glassware in dilute acid (e.g. sulphuric acid, 2 mol/l) for several hours; then, rinse extensively with distilled water to remove all traces of acid (this can be checked by using a pH-paper). Decontamination procedures for laboratory wastes [2,3] were developed and validated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO). This method requires the use of inflammable liquids such as acetone, methanol and acetonitrile. Keep away from heat, sparks or open flames.


ICS-code 65.120
Nederlandse titel Diervoeders - Bepaling van de aflatoxin B1
Engelse titel Animal feeding stuffs - Determination of aflatoxin B1
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