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Electronic fee collection - Systems architecture for vehicle related tolling

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2009
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This Standard defines the architecture of a toll system environment in which a customer with one contract may use a vehicle in a variety of toll domains and with a different toll charger for each domain. Toll systems covered by this Standard may be used for various purposes including road (network) tolling, area tolling, collecting toll for bridges, tunnels, ferries, for access, for parking. From a technical point of view the considered toll systems use electronic equipments on board of a vehicle. From a process point of view the architectural description focuses on fee determination, fee charging, and the associated enforcement measures. The actual collection of the fee, i.e. collecting payments, is not included. The architecture in this Standard is defined with no more details than those required for an overall overview, a common language, an identification of the need for other standards, and the drafting of these standards. This Standard provides: - The enterprise view on the architecture, which is concerned with the purpose, scope and policies governing the activities of the specified system within the organization of which it is a part. - Terms and definitions for common use in a toll environment - A decomposition of the toll systems environment into its main objects - The responsibilities of the main actors - An identification of the main interfaces between the main objects - An identification of the main flows of information between the main objects - Action diagrams reflecting the co-operation between the main actors.


ICS-code 03.220.20
Engelse titel Electronic fee collection - Systems architecture for vehicle related tolling



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