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Geo-informatie - Methodologie voor catalogiseren van entiteiten

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Commissie Geo-informatie
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2006
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This International Standard defines the methodology for cataloguing feature types. This International Standard specifies how the classification of feature types is organized into a feature catalogue and presented to the users of a set of geographic data. This International Standard is applicable to creating catalogues of feature types in previously uncatalogued domains and to revising existing feature catalogues to comply with standard practice. This International Standard applies to the cataloguing of feature types that are represented in digital form. Its principles can be extended to the cataloguing of other forms of geographic data.This International Standard is applicable to the definition of geographic features at the type level. This International Standard is not applicable to the representation of individual instances of each type. This International Standard excludes spatial, temporal, and portrayal schemas as specified in ISO 19107, ISO 19108, and ISO 19117, respectively. It also excludes collection criteria for feature instances.This International Standard may be used as a basis for defining the universe of discourse being modelled in a particular application, or to standardize general aspects of real world features being modelled in more than one application.


ICS-code 35.240.70
Nederlandse titel Geo-informatie - Methodologie voor catalogiseren van entiteiten
Engelse titel Geographic information - Methodology for feature cataloguing
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