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Bedrijfsmodelintegratie - Structuren voor het opzetten van bedrijfsmodellen

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Commissie Informatie-integratie en interoperabiliteit
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2004
Taal Engels
This European/International Standard specifies the characteristics of the core constructs necessary for computer-supported modelling of enterprises It focuses on, but is not restricted to, the computer integration of the information aspects of manufacturing, including the management and control technology and the requisite human tasks. This standard defines the generic concepts that are required to enable the creation of enterprise models for industrial businesses and to provide support for the use of frameworks by industrial enterprises. This standard builds upon prEN ISO 19439 by defining and detailing a set of conformant modelling language constructs which provide common semantics and enable the unification of models developed by different stakeholders in the various phases of model development. The modelling language constructs defined in this standard may be specialized and/or organized into structures for specific purposes, e.g. for an industry sector or for a particular kind of enterprise concern such as maintenance. In turn such structures and/or the generic modelling language constructs can be used for developing particular models for a particular enterprise. Annex A contains further background, the rationale and benefit statements for this standard.


ICS-code 25.040.40
Nederlandse titel Bedrijfsmodelintegratie - Structuren voor het opzetten van bedrijfsmodellen
Engelse titel Enterprise integration - Constructs for enterprise modelling
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