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Aardolie- en aardgasindustrie - Vaste buitengaatse staalconstructies

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2004
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This International Standard is applicable to the following types of fixed steel offshore structures for the petroleum and natural gas industries: - free-standing caissons; - jackets; - monotowers; - towers. It contains requirements for planning and engineering of the following tasks: a) design, fabrication, transportation and installation of new structures as well as their future removal; b) in-service inspection and integrity management of both new and existing structures; c) assessment of existing structures; and d) evaluation of structures for reuse at different locations. ISO 19902 applies to compliant bottom-founded structures, gravity structures, jack-ups, other bottom-founded structures and other structures related to offshore structures, such as underwater oil storage tanks, bridges, and connecting structures, only to the extent to which the requirements are relevant.


ICS-code 75.180.10
Nederlandse titel Aardolie- en aardgasindustrie - Vaste buitengaatse staalconstructies
Engelse titel Petroleum and natural gas industries - Fixed steel offshore structures
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