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In-vitro-diagnostische medische systemen - Stabiliteitsproeven van in-vitro-diagnostische reagentia

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Commissie In vitro diagnostica
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2013
Taal Engels
This International Standard is applicable to the stability evaluation of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, including reagents, calibrators, control materials, diluents, buffers and reagent kits, hereinafter called IVD reagents. This International Standard can also be applied to specimen collection devices that contain substances used to preserve samples or to initiate reactions for further processing of the sample in the collection device. This International Standard specifies general requirements for stability evaluation and gives specific requirements for real time and accelerated stability evaluation when generating data in: - the establishment of IVD reagent shelf life, including transport conditions suitable to ensure that product specifications are maintained; - the establishment of stability of the IVD reagent in use after the first opening of the primary container; - the monitoring of stability of IVD reagents already placed on the market; - the verification of stability specifications after modifications of the IVD reagent that might affect stability. This International Standard is not applicable to instruments, apparatus, equipment, systems or specimen receptacles, or the sample subject to examination.


ICS-code 11.100.10
Nederlandse titel In-vitro-diagnostische medische systemen - Stabiliteitsproeven van in-vitro-diagnostische reagentia
Engelse titel In vitro diagnostic medical devices - Evaluation of stability of in vitro diagnostic reagents
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