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Ergonomie - Toegankelijke ontwerpen - Geluidssignalen voor consumenten producten

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2009
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This International Standard specifies the auditory signals used as a means to communicate information as feedback of operation or the condition of products when a user with or without visual or auditory impairment uses a consumer product. Young people with hearing impairments are not in the scope because their hearing characteristics differ from person to person and, therefore, it is difficult to specify auditory signals that are generally usable for those people. It shall be applied to auditory signals of a fixed frequency used in general applications (also called beep sounds) and shall not be applied to variable frequency sounds or melodic sounds. It does not specify fire alarm sounds, gas leak alarm sounds, or crime prevention alarm sounds, which are determined by other laws and regulations, nor does it specify electronic chimes, voice guides, and other sounds particular to communication instruments such as telephones. It does not specify auditory danger signals for public or work areas which are covered in ISO 7731, ISO 8201, and ISO 11429.


ICS-code 11.180.15
Nederlandse titel Ergonomie - Toegankelijke ontwerpen - Geluidssignalen voor consumenten producten
Engelse titel Ergonomics - Accessible design - Auditory signals for consumer products
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