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Medische informatica - Beveiligingsmanagement in de gezondheidszorg volgens ISO/IEC 17799

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2006
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This standard defines guidelines to support the interpretation and implementation in health informatics of ISO/IEC 17799 (Information Technology;Code of practice for information security management) and is a companion to that standard2. It specifies a set of detailed controls for managing health information security and provides health information security best practice guidelines. Once it is implemented, health organizations and other custodians of health information will be able to ensure a minimum requisite level of security that is appropriate to their organization's circumstances and that will maintain the confidentiality integrity and availability of personal health information. Health information exists in many forms. It consists of data expressed not only in words and numbers, but also in sound recordings, drawings, video, and medical images. Health information may be printed or written, and may be stored electronically or on paper. It can be transmitted by hand, via fax, over computer networks, or by post. Whatever form the information takes, and whatever means is used to transmit it, it must always be appropriately protected. This standard and ISO/IEC 17799 taken together define what is required in terms of information security in healthcare; they do not define how these requirements are to be met. That is to say, to the fullest extent possible, this standard is technology-neutral. Neutrality with respect to implementing technologies is an important feature of these standards. Security technology is still undergoing rapid development and the pace of that change is now measured in months rather than years. By contrast, while subject to periodic review, standards are expected on the whole to remain valid for years. Just as importantly, technological neutrality leaves vendors and service providers free to suggest new or developing technologies that meet the necessary requirements that this standard describes. As noted in the introduction, familiarity with ISO/IEC 17799 is indispensable to an understanding of this standard.


ICS-code 35.240.80
Nederlandse titel Medische informatica - Beveiligingsmanagement in de gezondheidszorg volgens ISO/IEC 17799
Engelse titel Health informatics - Security management in health using ISO/IEC 17799
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