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Grondverzetmachines - Basistypen - Identificatie en beschrijvingen

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 15
Commissie Mobiele bouwmachines
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2004
Taal Engels
This International Standard establishes the terms and descriptions of earth-moving machinery designed to perform the following operations: excavation, loading, transportation and the drilling, spreading, compacting or trenching of earth and other materials (e.g. during work on roads and dams, and on building sites). The purpose of this international Standard is to provide a clear means to identify machines according to their functions and design configurations. Informative Annex A gives information on the procedure to be used to understand the identification procedure used in this standard. Informative Annex B gives information on earth-moving machine operator control configurations to be used in the classification of the operating modes.


ICS-code 01.040.53
Nederlandse titel Grondverzetmachines - Basistypen - Identificatie en beschrijvingen
Engelse titel Earth-moving machinery - Basic types - Identification and descriptions
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