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Beproeving van compressoren voor koelmiddelen

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 77
Commissie Koelinstallaties en warmtepompen
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-1996
Taal Engels
The provisions apply only to single-stage refrigerant compressors of the positive-displacement type. Selected test methods are described for the determination of the refrigerating capacity, the power, the isentropic efficiency and the coefficient of performance. These test methods provide result of sufficient accuracy to permit consideration of the suitability of a refrigerant compressor to operate satisfactorily under any set of basic test conditions required for a given refrigeration installation. Attention is drawn in particular to a number of special precautions necessary to reduce testing losses to a minimum. Applies only to tests carried out at the manufacturer's works, or wherever the necessary equipment for testing to the accuracy required can be made available. The types and calibration of measuring instruments and the accuracy of measurement are specified in annex A, which forms an integral part of this International Standard. The test methods described may also be used as a guide for the testing of other types of refrigerant compressors.


ICS-code 27.200
Nederlandse titel Beproeving van compressoren voor koelmiddelen
Engelse titel Testing of refrigerant compressors



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