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Ergonomie van de mens-systeeminteractie - Deel 143: Formulier gebaseerde dialoog

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ISO 9241-143 provides requirements and recommendations for the design and evaluation of form-based dialogues - in which the user fills-in, selects entries for, or modifies labelled fields on a "form" or a dialogue box presented by the system. Often the system then creates, or updates the data associated with the form. Form-based entries typically are in the form of typed input (abbreviations, or full names) or selections from available option lists. ISO 9241-143 is applicable to form-based dialogues regardless of the modality in which they are rendered (visual, spatial, vocal). However, much of the guidance is based on a model of visual and spatial relationship. In addition, ISO 9241-143 specifies the use of non-text methods for providing forms entries (e.g., list boxes) and pertains to dialogue boxes which utilize form-based dialogue techniques. Guidance is provided on the selection and design of those user interface elements relevant to form-based dialogues. While lists used to enter forms data are covered in ISO 9241-143, menus which are similar to lists are not covered in this standard but are covered in ISO 9241-14. In addition, ISO 9241-143 does not cover theThe requirements and recommendations in ISO 9241-143 are applicable throughout the development process (e.g., as guidance for designers during design, as a basis for heuristic evaluation, as guidance for usability testing) and in the procurement process. hardware aspects of form-based dialogues.


ICS-code 13.180
Nederlandse titel Ergonomie van de mens-systeeminteractie - Deel 143: Formulier gebaseerde dialoog
Engelse titel Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 143: Form-based dialogues
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