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Ergonomie - Beoordeling van thermische spanning door fysiologische metingen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2002
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Describes methods for measuring and interpreting the following physiological parameters: - body core temperature;- skin temperatures;- heart rate;- body mass loss. The choice of variables to be measured and techniques to be used is at the discretion of those responsible for the employees. These persons will have to take into account not only the nature of the thermal conditions, but also the degree of acceptance of these techniques by the employees concerned. It should be emphasised that direct measurements on the individual can only be carried out on two conditions: 1. If the person has been fully informed about the discomfort and the potential risks associated with the measurement technique and gives free consent to such measurements. 2. If the measurements present no risk for the person which is unacceptable in view of geneal or specific codes or ethics.


ICS-code 13.180
Nederlandse titel Ergonomie - Beoordeling van thermische spanning door fysiologische metingen
Engelse titel Ergonomics - Evaluation of thermal strain by physiological measurements
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