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Veiligheidsinformatieblad voor chemische producten - Inhoud en volgorde van rubrieken

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2009
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The safety data sheet (SDS) for chemical products gives information on the safety, health and environmental protection aspects of these substances or mixtures. The SDS supplies, for these aspects, basic knowledge of the chemical products, and recommendations on protective measures and emergency actions. In some countries, this sheet is called a material safety data sheet (MSDS). Throughout this International Standard, the term SDS is used. The SDS is a means of transferring essential hazard information (including information on transport, handling, storage and emergency actions) from the supplier of a chemical product to the recipient of the chemical product. It may also be used to transfer this information to institutions, services and other bodies that play a role in dealing with the chemical product. The objective of this International Standard is to create consistency in providing information on safety, health and environmental matters for chemical products. In order to establish uniformity, certain requirements have been laid down as to how information on the chemical product shall be given (for instance the wording, numbering and sequence of the headings).


ICS-code 71.100.01
Nederlandse titel Veiligheidsinformatieblad voor chemische producten - Inhoud en volgorde van rubrieken
Engelse titel Safety data sheet for chemical products - Content and order of sections



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