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Papier en karton - Druksterkte - Ring crush test (RCT)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2002
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This International Standard specifies a method for the determination of the edgewise compressive strength (ring crush resistance) of paper and paperboard, especially board used in the manufacture of cartons and packing cases. This International Standard applies to all paper and paperboard with a thickness in the range of 280 µm to 580 µm. It may also be used for thicknesses lower than this range but those results are more a reflection of the paper's stiffness than its compressive strength. For materials of greater thickness, it may be impossible to bend them to the circumference without disturbing the structure.


ICS-code 85.060
Nederlandse titel Papier en karton - Druksterkte - Ring crush test (RCT)
Engelse titel Paper and board - Compressive strength - Ring crush method
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