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Grafische technologie - Veiligheidseisen voor drukperssystemen

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Status Ingetrokken
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Commissie Grafische technologie
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2006
Taal Engels
This International Standard provides safety requirements for the design and construction of machines used in printing press systems, including auxiliary equipment and finishing machines, in which all the machine actuators (e.g. drives) of the equipment in the system are controlled by the same control system. It is applicable only to systems in which a printing press is part of the system. In cases where a binding/finishing system is not integrated with a printing press, ISO 12649 [32] will apply. It addresses recognized hazards specific to printing press systems in the following areas: - mechanical; - electrical; - slipping, tripping, falling; - ergonomics; - noise; - radiation; - fire and explosion; - thermal; - emissions. Equipment covered by this International Standard may be used in a stand-alone configuration, or in combination with other machines affected by an integrated control system. These may include, but are not limited to, the combinations of the machines noted in Clause 4. This International Standard applies to machines manufactured one year or more after the date of publication of this International Standard.


ICS-code 37.100.10
Nederlandse titel Grafische technologie - Veiligheidseisen voor drukperssystemen
Engelse titel Graphic technology - Safety requirements for printing press systems
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