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Scheepsbouw - Verbrandingsovens aan boord van schepen - Eisen

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Commissie Schepen en maritieme techniek
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-1995
Taal Engels
Lays down the requirements for shipboard incinerators. Requirements are those stated in the following document originating from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which is adopted as an International Standard. Resolution MEPC.59(33), Revised guidelines for the implementation of Annex V of MARPOL 73/78 adopted on 30 October 1992. For the purposes of international standardization, the following should be assumed: a) ifnore - the two first pages (text of the IMO resolution itself and an indication of Amenedments to the Directives which appears in the consolidated 1991 edition of MARPOL 73/78) which are relevant to the IMO publication only, and - paragraph 10.2 which is relevant to the IMO certification procedure only; b) take all instances where the word "should" is used to be requirements (and "may" a possibility).


ICS-code 47.020.99
Nederlandse titel Scheepsbouw - Verbrandingsovens aan boord van schepen - Eisen
Engelse titel Shipbuilding - Shipboard incinerators - Requirements
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