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Serie-1-containers - Eisen en beproevingsmethoden - Deel 5: Platformcontainers

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Status Ingetrokken
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Commissie Containers en wissellaadbakken
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-1980
Taal Engels
This International Standard sets out basic requirements for the specification and testing of ISO series 1, Part V, platform containers designated 1A, !B, 1C and 1D which, with certain limitations (for example cannot be stacked or top by means of conventional spreaders when loaded), are suitable for international exchange and for conveyance by road, rail and sea, including interchange between these forms of transport. The equipment covered by this International Standard is defined as a loadable platform having no superstructure whatever but having the same length and width as thew base of series 1 containers, and equipped with top and bottom corner fittings, located in plan view as on other series 1 containers, so that some of the same securing and lifting devices can be used.


ICS-code 55.180.10
Nederlandse titel Serie-1-containers - Eisen en beproevingsmethoden - Deel 5: Platformcontainers
Engelse titel Series 1 freigt containers - Specification and testing - Part 5: Platform containers



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