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Emissie van stationaire bronnen - Monsterneming en bepaling van het gasvormige fluoridegehalte

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Emissiemetingen en algemene aspecten
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2011
Taal Engels
NEN-ISO 15713:2011 describes a method for the measurement of the concentration of gaseous fluoride compounds in flue gas passing through ducts or chimneys. The effects of fluoride containing species are of concern as irritants to humans when inhaled at high concentration and because of the potential for adverse effects on vegetation. For the purposes of this International Standard, the fluoride measured is quoted as hydrogen fluoride. The aim of the method is to measure hydrogen fluoride, but, in practice, the parameter assessed is operationally defined. The fluoride measured is from those compounds that pass through a filter and dissolve in dilute sodium hydroxide and which produce fluoride ions which remain present in solution when analysed. This International Standard is applicable to the measurement of the gaseous fluorides that are entrained in gases carried in stacks or ducts. The gaseous fluoride content is expressed as a mass of hydrogen fluoride in the stack gas. This International Standard is applicable to all stacks emitting gases with fluoride concentrations of below 200 mg/m3. It can be used for higher concentrations, but then the absorption efficiency of the bubblers should be checked before the results can be regarded as valid. The detection limit of the method is estimated as 0,1 mg m-3, based on a sample volume of 0,1 m3. All compounds that are volatile at the filtration temperature and produce soluble fluoride compounds upon reaction with water are measured by this method. The method does not measure fluorocarbons. The concentration of fluoride in the adsorbent solution is then measured using an ion selective electrode. The amount of fluoride measured is then expressed as hydrogen fluoride by convention, though this may not reflect the chemical nature of the compounds, which are measured.


ICS-code 13.040.40
Nederlandse titel Emissie van stationaire bronnen - Monsterneming en bepaling van het gasvormige fluoridegehalte
Engelse titel Stationary source emissions - Sampling and determination of gaseous fluoride content



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