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Binnenlucht - Deel 1: Algemene aspecten van monsternemingsstrategie

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Commissie Werkplek- en buitenluchtmetingen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2004
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This part of ISO 16000 is intended to aid the planning of indoor pollution monitoring. Before a sampling strategy is devised for indoor air monitoring, it is necessary to clarify for what purposes, when, where, how often and over what periods of time monitoring is to be performed. The answers to these questions depend, in particular, on a number of special characteristics of the indoor environments, on the objective of the measurement and, finally, on the environment to be measured. This part of ISO 16000 deals with the significance of these factors and offers suggestions on how to develop a suitable sampling strategy. This part of ISO 16000 is applicable to indoor environments such as dwellings with living rooms, bedrooms, do-it-yourself rooms, recreation rooms and cellars, kitchens and bathrooms; workrooms or work places inbuildings which are not subject to health and safety inspections in regard to air pollutants (for example, offices, sales premises); public buildings (for example hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports halls, libraries, restaurants and bars, theatres, cinemas and other function rooms), and also cabins of vehicles.


ICS-code 13.040.20
Nederlandse titel Binnenlucht - Deel 1: Algemene aspecten van monsternemingsstrategie
Engelse titel Indoor air - Part 1: General aspects of sampling strategy
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