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Richtlijnen voor Kennis Bibliotheken en Objectbibliotheken

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 72
Commissie Informatie-integratie en interoperabiliteit
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2013
Taal Engels
The aim of this standard is to distinguish categories of knowledge libraries and to lay the foundation for uniform structures and content of such knowledge libraries and for commonality in their usage. By drawing up a number of guidelines, a guiding principle is provided for new libraries as well as for upgrading existing libraries. Without these guidelines there is an undesirable amount of freedom, so that the various libraries may become too heterogeneous. This would render the comparison, linking and integrated usage of these libraries very complex, if not impossible. - The objective of the standard is to categorize knowledge libraries and object libraries and to provide recommendations for the creation of such libraries. Libraries that are compliant with the guidelines of this standard may be more easily linked to, or integrated with other libraries. - The target audience of the standard consists of developers of knowledge libraries, builders of translation software or interfaces between knowledge libraries, certifying bodies and builders of applications who must base their work on the knowledge libraries laid down.


ICS-code 91.010.01
Nederlandse titel Richtlijnen voor Kennis Bibliotheken en Objectbibliotheken
Engelse titel Guidelines for knowledge libraries and object libraries



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