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Wegvoertuigen - Informatie voor hulpverleners - Deel 3: Template voor de handleiding voor noodhulp

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 60
Commissie Wegvoertuigen
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2019
Taal Engels
NEN-ISO 17840-3:2019 defines the template layout of the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) providing necessary and useful information about a vehicle involved in an accident to support the rescue team rescuing the occupants as quickly and as safely as possible, and to promote the correct action with respect to the vehicle technology concerned. The ERG also provides in-depth information related to fire, submersion and leakage of fluids. The ERG contains crucial and in-depth information linked to the rescue sheet (ISO 17840 parts 1 and 2), to inform training and development of rescue procedures. The headings/contents of the rescue sheet and the ERG information are aligned with each other, i.e. the ERG information works as an extension of the related rescue sheet. The template defines the layout and general contents, for ease of use by first and second responders. The guide can be communicated in paper or electronic format. The ERG template follows in principle a flowchart for the main actions of the first and second responders arriving at an accident scene or performing towing and other activities afterwards. The ERG can be related to a specific vehicle model, to a family of similar vehicle models, or to a certain type of vehicle technology in general. The ERG template provides a format for filling in the following necessary and useful emergency information: - relevant information for a vehicle involved in a traffic accident (including immobilisation, disabling of hazards, access to occupants, shut-off procedures, handling of stored propulsion energy); - information in case of fire or submersion; and - information regarding towing, transportation and storage. This document is applicable to passenger cars, buses, coaches, light and heavy commercial vehicles according to ISO 3833. The proposed template can be beneficial for use also for other types of vehicles (e.g. trains, trams, airplanes), although this is out of the scope of this document. The identification of the vehicle and of the model via a database using the license plate, the VIN number, an automatic emergency call system (e.g. e-Call) system or other identifiers (e.g. bar code or QR code) is not covered by this document. The rescue procedure or the process of handling the ERG is not covered by this document.


ICS-code 43.020
Nederlandse titel Wegvoertuigen - Informatie voor hulpverleners - Deel 3: Template voor de handleiding voor noodhulp
Engelse titel Road vehicles - Information for first and second responders - Part 3: Emergency response guide template



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