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Energieprestatie van fenestratiesystemen - Calculatieprocedure

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2011
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This International Standard specifies a procedure for calculation of the energy performance of fenestration systems used in residential buildings, for rating of fenestration systems, doors and skylights, including the effects of frame, sash, glazing, and shading components. This International Standard specifies procedures for the calculation of the heating and cooling energy use in residential buildings, internal and external climatic conditions, and relevant building characteristics. These procedures can accommodate all climatic conditions and installation details. It is the responsibility of the appropriate regulatory authority to identify the clauses of this International Standard to be applied in their area of jurisdiction and the climatic data and reference building specification(s) to be used.


ICS-code 91.120.10
Nederlandse titel Energieprestatie van fenestratiesystemen - Calculatieprocedure
Engelse titel Energy performance of fenestration systems for residential buildings - Calculation procedure
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