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Mechanische trillingen en schok - Signaalverwerking - Deel 1: Algemene inleiding

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2005
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This part of ISO 18431 defines the mathematical transformations, including the physical units, that convert each category of vibration and shock data into a form that is suitable for quantitative comparison between experiments and for quantitative specifications. It is applicable to the analysis of vibration that is deterministic or random, and transient or continuous signals. The categories of signals are defined in Clause 6. Extreme care is to be exercised to identify correctly the type of signal being analysed in order to use the correct transformation and units, especially with the frequency domain analysis. The data may be obtained experimentally from measurements of a mechanical structure or obtained from numerical simulation of a mechanical structure. This category of data is very broad because there is a wide variety of mechanical structures, for example, microscopic instruments, musical instruments, automobiles, manufacturing machines, buildings and civil structures. The data can determine the response of machines or of humans to mechanical vibration and shock.


ICS-code 17.160
Nederlandse titel Mechanische trillingen en schok - Signaalverwerking - Deel 1: Algemene inleiding
Engelse titel Mechanical vibration and shock - Signal processing - Part 1: General introduction
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