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Beeldmaterialen - Verwerkte beeldmaterialen - Fotoalbums, raamwerk en opslagmaterialen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2013
Taal Engels
This International Standard specifies the principal physical and chemical requirements for album, storage and framing materials to prevent damage to processed or printed imaging materials over time. This International Standard covers requirements for paper and paperboard, plastics, metals, writing instruments, adhesives, tapes, self-adhesive labelling materials, stamping inks and pads as well as framing and glazing materials used as or in the construction of storage and display materials for blackand- white or colour reflection prints or negatives made with traditional silver-halide and silver dye bleach photographic materials, as well as dye- and pigment-based inkjet; dye diffusion thermal transfer (“dye sublimation”), and liquid- and dry-toner electrophotographic digital prints. This International Standard does not provide specifications for the design, construction or durability of the storage and display materials themselves. The requirements are limited to the characteristics of the storage or display materials that may affect the imaging materials either chemically or physically when they are stored or displayed under recommended conditions.


ICS-code 37.040.20
Nederlandse titel Beeldmaterialen - Verwerkte beeldmaterialen - Fotoalbums, raamwerk en opslagmaterialen
Engelse titel Imaging materials - Processed imaging materials - Albums, framing and storage materials



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