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Schepen en maritieme techniek - Scheepskranen - Technische eisen voor de tuigage

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 11
Commissie Schepen en maritieme techniek
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2016
Taal Engels
Rigging used for marine cranes is mainly wire rope rigging. This document specifies the technical requirements of the selection and application of running rigging and standing rigging used for wire rope rigging of marine cranes. This document specifies the minimum requirements of the allowable strength and performance level for wire ropes of marine cranes according to the design, application and maintenance requirements of cranes. This document specifies the implementation criteria of installation, maintenance, inspection and discards for running rigging and standing rigging of marine cranes. This document is applicable to the following types of marine crane: - deck cranes mounted on ships for handling cargo or containers in harbour or sheltered water conditions; - floating cranes or grab cranes mounted on barges or pontoons for operating in harbour conditions or sheltered water conditions; - engine room cranes and provision cranes, etc. mounted on ships (including floating docks) for handling equipment and stores in harbour conditions. This document does not apply to the following: - loads from accidents or collisions; - lifting operations below sea level; - cranes which are supposed to be included in the class of the vessel and where the vessel receives a crane class notation; the contents of this document may be used however, as recommendation or guidance; - other items where there is the danger that they might be considered in-scope are excluded from this document, such as - loose gear items, such as the hook block, and - ropes and fittings; - cranes which are to be included in class by the class society; - minimum ambient operating temperatures no less than -20 °C; - maximum ambient operating temperatures above +45 °C; - transport, assembly, dismantling and decommissioning of cranes; - lifting accessories, i.e. any item between the crane and the load; - lifting operations involving more than one crane; - hand powered cranes; - emergency rescue operations; - shore-side cargo handling cranes; - portable cranes on board; 0 lifting appliances for lifeboats, liferafts accommodation ladders and pilot ladders; - launching appliances for survival craft and rescue boats; - gangways, accommodation and pilot ladders and their handling appliances.


ICS-code 47.020.40
Nederlandse titel Schepen en maritieme techniek - Scheepskranen - Technische eisen voor de tuigage
Engelse titel Ships and marine technology - Marine cranes - Technical requirements for rigging applications



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