NEN-ISO 19690-2:2018 en

Schotelveren - Deel 2: Techinische specificaties

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2018
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NEN-ISO 19690-2 specifies two different grades of disc springs. Grade A defines basic requirements of disc springs for static applications with low and moderate performance. Springs manufactured according to Grade A are not used for dynamic applications. Grade B defines requirements on disc springs especially used for dynamic applications and high performance static applications. Disc springs according to Grade B ensure a better quality by higher demands on manufacturing processes and tolerance requirements. Grade B includes graphs showing the guaranteed fatigue life such as a function of stress.


ICS-code 21.160
Nederlandse titel Schotelveren - Deel 2: Techinische specificaties
Engelse titel Disc springs - Part 2: Technical specifications



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