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Gasturbines - Eisen voor energieopwekking

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Gepubliceerd op 15-06-2016
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NEN-ISO 19859 specifies the minimum technical and documentation requirements for the evaluation and procurement of gas turbine systems for electrical power generation. It applies to simple cycle and combined cycle gas turbines for both onshore and offshore applications, where applicable. It also applies to gas turbines used in cogeneration (see ISO 11086:1996, Annex B). Testing of the gas turbine in combination with a generator is included in the scope. It is not applicable to gas turbines used for all types of propulsion including aircraft, mobile barges, floating production vessels and marine propulsion applications and microturbines. This International Standard defines the requirements for gas turbine power generation from an international perspective based on the content of existing, recognized ISO and IEC standards to the greatest extent practical. Nonetheless, it is recognized that within the industry other codes or standards are used, some of which are included in the text of this International Standard. The use of other such codes and standards is permissible provided an appropriate and acceptable level of requirements, functional design and safety is achieved and agreement has been reached for their use between the Purchaser and Contractor and such use is suitably documented. Consideration should be given to applying/using standards in the following hierarchical order: international; regional; national; local. This International Standard identifies the requirements for both the Purchaser and Contractor attributable to the design and procurement of a gas turbine power generation package. The defined requirements apply to the scope of supply, except where excluded, encompassing the following equipment and the associated selected options, located within the power generation package, (see 3.14), listed below: - gas turbine package; - load shaft coupling and clutch, as applicable; - air inlet system; - exhaust system; - fuel equipment; - control equipment; - electrical equipment; - additional auxiliary systems, including starting, lubrication, barring, compressor wash, pipework, drains and vents; - fire and gas protection; - cooling water equipment. Where applicable to the integrity of the gas turbine package, the interface and applicable design requirement, utilities and supplies that interface with the power generation package.


ICS-code 27.040
Nederlandse titel Gasturbines - Eisen voor energieopwekking
Engelse titel Gas turbine applications - Requirements for power generation



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