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Meteorologie - Weerradar - Deel 1: Systeemprestatie en werking

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Commissie Emissiemetingen en algemene aspecten
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2019
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NEN-ISO 19926-1 specifies system performance of ground-based weather radar systems measuring the atmosphere using frequencies between 2 GHz and 10 GHz. These systems are suitable for the area-wide detection of precipitation and other meteorological targets at different altitudes. This document also describes ways to verify the different aspects of system performance, including infrastructure. This document is applicable to linear polarization parabolic radar systems, dual-polarization and single-polarization radars. It does not apply to fan-beam radars [narrow in azimuth (AZ) and broad in elevation (EL)], including marine and aeronautical surveillance radars, which are used for, but are not primarily designed for, weather applications. Phased-array radars with electronically formed and steered beams, including multi-beam, with non-circular off-bore sight patterns, are new and insufficient performance information is available. This document does not describe weather radar technology and its applications. Weather radar systems can be used for applications such as quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE), the classification of hydrometeors (e.g. hail), the estimation of wind speeds and the detection and surveillance of severe meteorological phenomena (e.g. microburst, tornado). Some of these applications have particular requirements for the positioning of the radar system or need specific measurement strategies. However, the procedures for calibration and maintenance described in this document apply here as well. This document addresses manufacturers and radar operators.


ICS-code 07.060
Nederlandse titel Meteorologie - Weerradar - Deel 1: Systeemprestatie en werking
Engelse titel Meteorology - Weather radar - Part 1: System performance and operation



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