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Wegvoertuigen - Beheer van beveiligingscertificaten

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 38
Commissie Wegvoertuigen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2006
Taal Engels
This International Standard establishes a uniform practice for the issuing and management of security certificates for use in Public Key Infrastructure applications. Assuming that all entities, intending to set up a secure data exchange to other entities based on private and public keys, are able to provide their own certificate, the certificate management scheme guarantees that the entities will get all additional information needed to establish trust to other entities, from a single source in a simple and unified format. The certificate management is flexible with respect to the relations between Certification Authorities, not requesting any hierarchical structure. It does not prescribe centralized directories or the like, being accessible by all entities involved. With these properties, the management scheme is optimized for applications in the automotive domain. This International Standard details the role and responsibilities of the Certification Authority relating to certificate issuing and distribution. It specifies how to handle certificate validity and certificate policies. This is the prerequisite for each entity to make sure it can actually trust another entity when intending to exchange data of a specific kind with it. This International Standard prescribes a Certificate format, which is a special implementation of the well-known X.509 certificate according to ISO/IEC 9594-8. It specifies the structure and use of every certificate component such that it complies with the certificate management established.


ICS-code 43.020
Nederlandse titel Wegvoertuigen - Beheer van beveiligingscertificaten
Engelse titel Road vehicles - Security certificate management



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