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Verpakking - Lineaire streepjescode en 2-dimensionale symbolen voor productverpakking

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Commissie Verpakking
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2005
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This International Standard a) specifies the minimum requirements for the design of labels containing a linear bar code and two-dimensional symbols on product packages to convey data between trading partners, b) provides guidance for the formatting on the label of data presented in a linear bar code, two-dimensional symbols or human-readable form, c) provides specific recommendations regarding the choice of linear bar code and 2D symbologies, specifies quality requirements and classes of bar code density, d) provides specific recommendations regarding 2D symbologies, which allow a broad choice for general use of scanning hardware (e.g. area imagers, linear imagers, single-line laser scanners, and rastering laser scanners), and e) makes recommendations as to label placement, size and the inclusion of free text and any appropriate graphics. This International Standard supports item identification and supply chain processes, at the product package level, such as inventory control, picking, and point of use. The purpose of this International Standard is to establish the machine-readable (e.g. bar code) and human-readable data content of labels applied to product packages. Intended applications include, but are not limited to, inventory, warehouse management, maintenance and point of purchase. While guidance is provided, specific label dimensions or marking areas, and the location of the information are not defined in this International Standard. Before implementing this specification, suppliers and manufacturers are advised to review and mutually agree on these details with their trading partners. This International Standard does not supersede or replace any applicable safety or regulatory marking or labelling requirements. It is intended to satisfy the minimum product package requirements of numerous applications and industry groups. As such, its applicability is to a wide range of industries, each of which may have specific implementation guidelines. This International Standard is applicable in addition to any other mandated labelling requirements.


ICS-code 01.080.99
Nederlandse titel Verpakking - Lineaire streepjescode en 2-dimensionale symbolen voor productverpakking
Engelse titel Packaging - Linear bar code and two-dimensional symbols for product packaging
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