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Ruwe rubber - Bepaling van het gehalte aan vluchtige bestanddelen

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Commissie Rubber
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2005
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This International Standard specifies two methods, a hot-mill method and an oven method, for the determination of moisture and other volatile-matter content in raw rubbers. These methods are applicable to the determination of the volatile-matter content in the R-group of rubbers listed in ISO 1629 which are rubbers having an unsaturated carbon chain, for example, natural rubber and synthetic rubbers derived at least partly from diolefins. This International Standard may also be applicable to other rubbers, but in these cases it is necessary to prove that the change in mass is due solely to loss of original volatile matter and not to rubber degradation. The hot-mill method is not applicable to natural and synthetic isoprene rubbers or to rubbers too difficult to handle on a hot mill or to rubbers in powdered or chip form. The two test methods do not necessarily give identical results. Therefore, in the case of dispute the oven method A is the reference method.


ICS-code 83.040.10
Nederlandse titel Ruwe rubber - Bepaling van het gehalte aan vluchtige bestanddelen
Engelse titel Rubber, raw - Determination of volatile-matter content
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