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Digitale cinema (D-cinema) goederen - Deel 2: Digitale certicaat

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 19
Commissie Geluid, beeld en multimedia-apparaten en -systemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2008
Taal Engels
This standard presents a specification for Digital Certificates for use in D-Cinema systems. The standard defines the Digital Certificate format and associated processing rules in sufficient detail to enable vendors to develop and implement interoperable security solutions. In the D-Cinema environment, certificates have these primary applications: o Establishing identity of security devices o Supporting secure communications at the network layer (e.g. TLS) or application-messaging layer (e.g., Extra Theater Messages [ETM]) o Authentication and integrity requirements for Composition Play Lists (CPL) and Packing Lists (PL) The Digital Certificate standard is based on a constrained form of the X.509v3 [X.509] format and processing rules. Only the most widely supported features of X.509v3 are used in order to give vendors a large selection of X.509v3 development toolkits and certificate issuing products. The constraints also avoid the complexity and ambiguity that often occurs in systems that use X.509v3 certificates.


ICS-code 35.040.40
Nederlandse titel Digitale cinema (D-cinema) goederen - Deel 2: Digitale certicaat
Engelse titel Digital cinema (D-cinema) operations - Part 2: Digital certificate



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