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Informatie en documentatie - Internationale Normnaam Identificatie (ISNI)

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 15
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2012
Taal Engels
This International Standard specifies the International Standard name identifier (ISNI) for the identification of public identities of parties, i.e. the identities used publicly by parties involved throughout the media content industries in the creation, production, management and content distribution chains. The ISNI system uniquely identifies public identities across multiple fields of creative activity and provides a tool for disambiguating public identities that might otherwise be confused. The ISNI is not intended to provide direct access to comprehensive information about a public identity but can provide links to other systems where such information is held.


ICS-code 01.140.20
Nederlandse titel Informatie en documentatie - Internationale Normnaam Identificatie (ISNI)
Engelse titel Information and documentation - International standard name identifier (ISNI)
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