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Glas voor gebouwen - Producten van glas voor constructieve beglazing door verkitten - Deel 2: Montageregels

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Vlakglas
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2010
Taal Engels
This part of ISO 28278 gives guidelines for the assembly and bonding of glass elements in a frame, window, door or curtain-walling construction, or directly into the building by means of structural bonding of the glass element into or onto the framework or directly into the building. It gives the assembler information that enable him to organize his work and comply with requirements regarding quality control. Quality control of the assembly process is of the highest importance. This part of ISO 28278 provides the minimum requirements for acceptable quality control of the process of structural sealant glazing (SSG) on a single project. The annexes contained at the end of this part of ISO 28278 provide the methods to ensure proper application and documentation for a safe and weatherproof glazing assembly product. This process is intended to be applicable to most SSG projects. The project testing on metal substrates and glass products will determine proper surface preparation and installation instructions. These rules do not apply to the adhesion or durability of the paint finishes or glass products. This is not intended to be a durability test requirement for the paint and glass products commonly used in the SSG process. The structural, weatherproofing and sealant products which are commonly used in structural glazing applications are those based on organosiloxane, “silicone” polymers. This part of ISO 28278 does not preclude the use of other sealant types, where these can demonstrate suitability for service according to this part of ISO 28278 and when they are used following the recommendations of the sealant manufacturer. Supports to be taken into consideration shall be only metallic substrates, uncoated glass, coated glass and ceramic frit enamelled glass. This part of ISO 28278 relates to SSG systems for use in façades and roofs, or parts of them, with glazing with slopes as shown in Figure 1. Façades with an inclination of less than 15° from the vertical are considered vertical façades. If the slope to the outer side has an inclination above 50°, the glass is considered unsupported glass.


ICS-code 81.040.20
Nederlandse titel Glas voor gebouwen - Producten van glas voor constructieve beglazing door verkitten - Deel 2: Montageregels
Engelse titel Glass in building - Glass products for structural sealant glazing - Part 2: Assembly rules



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