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Bemonstering van in de lucht zwevende radioactieve stoffen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-1979
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This International Standard sets forth the general principles which apply in obtaining representative samples of airborne radioactive materials and prescribes acceptable methods and materials for gas and particle sampling. These general principles are limited to the collection of samples and do not embrace the area of measurement of the radioactive materials collected. Exclusion of radiochemical measurement from the field of application must not be construed to mean that the measurement and evaluation of samples are of lesser importance than sampling. Accurate measurement and evaluation are vitally necessary, but these are valid only to the extent that the sample obtained reflects the existing conditions. These general principles are further limited to guides for sampling airborne radioactive materials in installations where work with radioactive materials is conducted, with the primary emphasis on the need to protect the radiation worker. However, they do include sampling effluent gases prior to, or at, the point of release to the atmosphere from the installation. Although this therefore excludes certain sampling techniques such as, for example, those used in environmental and free atmosphere sampling, the principles defined and most of the methods discussed are in most cases generally applicable. These general principles do not deal in detail with the application of various collectors to specific problems. The specific and detailed application of charcoal for iodine sampling, for example, is felt to be beyond the scope of this International Standard.


ICS-code 13.280
Nederlandse titel Bemonstering van in de lucht zwevende radioactieve stoffen
Engelse titel Sampling of airborne radioactive substances
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