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Balanceermachines - Beschrijving en evaluatie

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-1986
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This International Standard is applicable to balancing machines that support and rotate rigid workpieces (that is, workpieces that are rigid at balancing speeds) and that indicate the amounts and angular locations of unbalance corrections required. It covers both those machines that measure out-of-balance effects on soft bearings and those that measure out-of-balance effects on hard bearings. It also relates to resonance-type machines, provided that mechanical compensators are incorporated. Technical requirements for such balancing machines are also dealt with; however, special features, such as those associated with automatic correction, are excluded. Details of proving rotors, test masses and performance tests to be employed to ensure compliance with specified unbalance indicating capability are given. Tests for other machine capacities and performance parameters are not contained in this International Standard.


ICS-code 21.120.40
Nederlandse titel Balanceermachines - Beschrijving en evaluatie
Engelse titel Balancing machines - Description and evaluation



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