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Smart community infrastructures - Best practice guidelines for transportation

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2017
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NEN-ISO 37154 provides general guidance on the planning, design, development, organization, monitoring, maintenance and improvement process of smart transportation systems and infrastructures, which can help promote solutions for intra- and inter-city issues, i.e. for issues both within and outside the city that impact quality of life, the environment or any other areas of city performance. This document applies to transportation infrastructures used for the movement of people, freight or other goods, including items transported for delivery. This document is intended for use by city planners and other community decision makers, government officials, insurance providers, investment and financing organizations, transportation operators and service providers and manufacturers of transportation equipment. In particular, this document is intended to be used by those involved in making decisions about transportation modes to meet the objectives related to affordability, convenience, low environmental impact and reliability, while satisfying the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders, including city residents, visitors, government authorities, transportation operators. This document addresses smart transportation by considering the factors that shape communities, such as population, demographics, locations, local culture and history. It addresses the scope of services, features and objectives to be met through smart transportation solutions. This document does not contain technical specifications for the construction of transportation assets of facilities.


ICS-code 13.020.20
Engelse titel Smart community infrastructures - Best practice guidelines for transportation



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