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Exposiemeters en dosismeters - Algemene beproevingsmethoden

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Gepubliceerd op 31-07-1979
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This International Standard constitutes a guide to defining and carrying out general methods for testing exposure meters and dosimeters used in radiation protection for X-rays and gamma rays with energies below or equal to 3 MeV. It will subsequently be complemented by a second document dealing with rate meters and, in the more distant future, by a third document relating to dosimeters used in the presence of neutrons or gamma rays with energies above 3 MeV. However, study of this latter point necessitates the parallel establishment of definitions of suitable reference radiations.


ICS-code 13.280
Nederlandse titel Exposiemeters en dosismeters - Algemene beproevingsmethoden
Engelse titel Exposure meters and dosimeters - General methods for testing



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