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Harde schuimkunststoffen - Thermische isolatieproducten voor gebouwen - Specificaties

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2018
Taal Engels
NEN-ISO 4898 specifies requirements and methods of testing for three categories of rigid cellular plastics thermal-insulation products for buildings. It covers rigid cellular plastics in the form of flat or profiled boards, with or without natural skins. They can also be faced or laminated with foil, plastic or metal films or sheets, mineral coatings, paper, cardboard or other materials. This document is not applicable to materials used for the thermal insulation of pipes and vessels, for impact sound absorption or for acoustical insulation. This document covers the following cellular materials used in the thermal insulation of buildings: - PF based on phenolic polymer; - EPS based on expanded polystyrene;-- XPS based on extruded polystyrene; - PUR based on polyurethane. The limiting quality values in this document are for use only in the specification of materials between purchaser and supplier, and are not intended to be used for design purposes. Additional requirements for special applications can be added to those specified in this document by agreement between purchaser and supplier.


ICS-code 83.100
Nederlandse titel Harde schuimkunststoffen - Thermische isolatieproducten voor gebouwen - Specificaties
Engelse titel Rigid cellular plastics -- Thermal insulation products for buildings -- Specifications



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