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Fotografie - 120-formaat en 220-formaat films - Dimensies

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 12
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2000
Taal Engels
Provides specifications for: - dimensions of 120-size and 220-size films and of the spools common to both; - dimensions of the backing paper for 120-size film and the leader and trailer paper for 220-size film, as well as the placement of the paster tape used for attaching these papers to the films; - minimum length of film required in front of the leading edge of the first image and behind the trailing edge of the last image, and; - markings on the backing paper and the trailer-paper for identification of the intended photofinishing process.


ICS-code 37.040.20
Nederlandse titel Fotografie - 120-formaat en 220-formaat films - Dimensies
Engelse titel Photography - 120-size and 220-size films - Dimensions



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