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Balanceermachines - Omhulsels en andere veiligheidsvoorzieningen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-1986
Taal Engels
This International Standard specifies requirements for enclosures and other safety measures used to minimize hazards associated with the operation of balancing machines under a variety of rotor and balancing conditions. It defines different classes of protection that enclosures and other protective features have to provide and describes the limits of applicability for each class of protection. Special enclosure features, such as noise reduction, windage reduction or vacuum (which is required to spin certain rotors at the balancing speed) are not covered by this International Standard.


ICS-code 21.120.40
Nederlandse titel Balanceermachines - Omhulsels en andere veiligheidsvoorzieningen
Engelse titel Balancing machines - Enclosures and other safety measures
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