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Mechanische schokken - Beproevingstoestellen - Eigenschappen en prestatie

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2007
Taal Engels
This International Standard specifies performance parameters and methods of inspection of mechanical shock-testing machines and gives guidelines for describing their characteristics. It is intended to ensure that the potential user of a particular shock-testing machine is provided with an adequate description of the characteristics of the machine, and also to give guidance on the selection of such machines. This International Standard is applicable to the shock-testing machines that are used for demonstrating or evaluating the effect of shock conditions representative of the service environment in accordance with the relevant part of IEC 60068 and also for diagnostic testing. The purpose of the shock test is to reveal mechanical weakness and/or degradation in specified performance. It can also be used to determine the structural integrity of a test specimen or as a means of quality control. Machines used for simulation of earthquakes, sonic booms, explosions and implosions, bursting tests, metalworking, forming, etc. are not covered in this International Standard. Several techniques for generating the desired shock motion are discussed. Both simple-pulse and complex transients can be produced. The simulation of transients can be achieved by control of the test with a specified shock-response spectrum.


ICS-code 17.160
Nederlandse titel Mechanische schokken - Beproevingstoestellen - Eigenschappen en prestatie
Engelse titel Mechanical shock - Testing machines - Characteristics and performance



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