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Medische informatica - HL7 Berichtennorm Versie 2.5 - Een toepassingsprotocol voor elektronische gegevensuitwisseling in een gezondheidsomgeving

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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2012
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ISO/HL7 27931:2009 establishes an application protocol for the electronic exchange of data in healthcare environments. HL7 V2.5 is not, in itself, a complete systems integration solution. The issue directly addresses the so-called goal for "plug-and-play." There are several barriers in today's healthcare delivery environment that make it difficult, if not impossible, for HL7 to create a complete "plug-and-play" solution. Two of these barriers include: a) the lack of process conformity within healthcare delivery environments and b) the resulting requirement for "negotiation" between users and vendors. There is little, if any, process conformity within healthcare delivery environments. As a consequence, healthcare information solutions vendors are required to create very flexible systems with a very wide range of data and process flow options. HL7 attempts to address the superset of all known process (i.e., trigger) and data (i.e., segment and field) requirements. In doing this, it has attempted to be "all things to systems and users." In fact, there is no one user or any system that users would elect to use that would use all that HL7 attempts to offer. This "excess" of features typically requires some level of "negotiation" to take place between a user and his/her vendors to come up with the set of triggers and data items necessary to affect the solution for the user. In effect, this creates a unique use of ISO/HL7 27931:2009 at that site. The current version of HL7 has no intrinsic way to tailor a pre-determinable view of ISO/HL7 27931:2009 for each possible use. Future versions of HL7 will likely address this shortcoming. A true integrated healthcare information systems solution addresses an integrated database, or at least what appears to be a virtual integrated database. In fact, however, as a practical matter, information solutions still need to be installed and operated in environments where no other, or only a subset of other, systems are available. In any case, all systems today are designed and implemented to process using their own local copies of data. HL7, to this date, has not attempted to prescribe the architecture, functionality, data elements or data organization of healthcare applications. Rather, HL7 has attempted to accommodate all application requirements that have been brought to its attention by volunteers willing and able to address them. Future versions of HL7 may choose to alter HL7's historic approach to these issues. Recent efforts by HL7 and other ANSI Standards Developers to produce Data Meta Models have created a framework that both standards and applications developers can use as a common basis for defining and using both data and data organizations. Widespread acceptance of these concepts may allow HL7 and other Standards Groups to be more prescriptive in their approach with a smaller set of choices that must be made when interfaces are implemented. For now, however, users should be aware that HL7 provides a common framework for implementing interfaces between disparate vendors. In all cases, if an existing application interface is not available, HL7 reduces (but does not eliminate) the time and cost required to implement an application interface between two or more healthcare information systems. If a user chooses to implement a set of homogeneous solutions from a single vendor, HL7 is typically not necessary nor even applicable.


ICS-code 35.240.80
Nederlandse titel Medische informatica - HL7 Berichtennorm Versie 2.5 - Een toepassingsprotocol voor elektronische gegevensuitwisseling in een gezondheidsomgeving
Engelse titel Data Exchange Standards - Health Level Seven Version 2.5 - An application protocol for electronic data exchange in healthcare environments



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