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Information technology - Generic cabling for customer premises - Part 6: Distributed building services

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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2017
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NEN-ISO/IEC 11801-6 specifies generic cabling within premises that comprise single or multiple buildings on a campus. It covers balanced cabling and optical fibre cabling. This document has been prepared to reflect the increasing use of generic cabling in support of non-user specific services and the sharing of information between such services that can also incorporate the supply of power, including 1) telecommunications, e.g. wireless access points, distributed antenna systems, 2) energy management, e.g. lighting, power distribution, incoming utility metering, 3) environmental control, e.g. temperature, humidity, 4) personnel management, e.g. access control, cameras, PIR detectors, time and attendance monitoring, electronic signage, audio-visual projectors, 5) personal information and alarms, e.g. paging, patient monitoring, nurse call, infant security, 6) intelligent building systems. This document specifies directly or via reference to ISO/IEC 11801-1 a) the structure and configuration for generic cabling for distributed building services, b) the interfaces at the service outlet (SO), c) the performance requirements for cabling links and channels, d) the implementation requirements and options, e) the performance requirements for cabling components, f) the conformance requirements and verification procedures. Safety (e.g. electrical safety and protection, fire) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements are outside the scope of this document, and are covered by other standards and by regulations. However, information given by this document can be of assistance.


ICS-code 35.200
Engelse titel Information technology - Generic cabling for customer premises - Part 6: Distributed building services
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