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Information technology - Trusted Platform Module - Part 3: Structures

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2009
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ISO/IEC 11889 defines the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a device that enables trust in computing platforms in general. ISO/IEC 11889 is broken into parts to make the role of each document clear. Any version of the standard requires all parts to be a complete standard. A TPM designer MUST be aware that for a complete definition of all requirements necessary to build a TPM, the designer MUST use the appropriate platform specific specification to understand all of the TPM requirements. Part 3 defines the structures and constants in use by the TPM. As the TPM must interoperate between various implementations, these structures enable the required interoperability. The other rationale for defining the structures is that some of the structures require security properties, either confidentiality or integrity calculations. If the structures are built incorrectly the security properties may not be present, hence the need to define the structures.


ICS-code 35.030
Engelse titel Information technology - Trusted Platform Module - Part 3: Structures
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