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Information technology - Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) - Part 362: SCSI Multimedia Commands - 2 (MMC-2)

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2006
Taal Engels
This part of ISO/IEC 14776 defines the SCSI command set extensions to access multimedia features for all classes of SCSI devices. The commands specified within this standard define standard access and control of those features of the device that are used in multimedia applications. The SPC command set and its extensions are transport independent and may be implemented across a wide variety of environments for which a SCSI command mapping and delivery vehicle has been defined. To date, these include Fibre Channel, SCSI Parallel Interface, High Performance Serial Bus, Serial Storage Architecture and ATA/ATAPI. This command set gives and/or enables the following. a) A definition of the command formats and functions independently of delivery, protocol/signalling or transport mechanism. Architectural constraints regarding command functions, over the various transports are addressed in the document specific to the physical transport. b) Standardized access to common Features of SCSI devices employed in multimedia applications. c) System software/firmware independence across device classes. Thus, different tape drives, optical media drives and other devices can be added to the system without requiring modifications to generic system hardware and software. Provision is made for the addition of special Features and functions through the use of vendor-specific options. Reserved Opcodes are provided for future standardization. d) Provides compatibility such a way that properly conforming ISO/IEC 9316 devices may inter-operate with subsequent devices provided that the system engineering is correctly done. SCSI protocol extensions are designed to be permissive of rejections by conforming ISO/IEC 9316 devices and thus allow the ISO/IEC 9316 device to continue operation without requiring the use of the extension.


ICS-code 35.200
Engelse titel Information technology - Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) - Part 362: SCSI Multimedia Commands - 2 (MMC-2)



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