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Information technology - Programming languages - Fortran - Part 1: Base language

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Commissie Programming languages , their environments and system software interfaces
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2004
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ISO/IEC 1539 is a multipart International Standard; the parts are published separately. This publication, ISO/IEC 1539-1, which is the first part, specifies the form and establishes the interpretation of programs expressed in the base Fortran language. The purpose of this part of ISO/IEC 1539 is to promote portability, reliability, maintainability, and efficient execution of Fortran programs for use on a variety of computing systems. The second part, ISO/IEC 1539-2, defines additional facilities for the manipulation of character strings of variable length. The third part, ISO/IEC 1539-3, defines a standard conditional compilation facility for Fortran. A processor conforming to part 1 need not conform to ISO/IEC 1539-2 or ISO/IEC 1539-3; however, conformance to either assumes conformance to this part. Throughout this publication, the term "this standard" refers to ISO/IEC 1539-1.


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Engelse titel Information technology - Programming languages - Fortran - Part 1: Base language
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