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VME64bus - Specification

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2002
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The VMEbus specification defines an interfacing system used to interconnect microprocessors, data storage, and peripheral control devices in a closely coupled hardware configuration. The system has been conceived with the following objectives: a) to allow communication between devices on the VMEbus without disturbing the internal activities of other devices interfaced to the VMEbus; b) to specify the electrical and mechanical system characteristics required to design devices that will reliably and unambiguously communicate with other devices interfaced to the VMEbus; c) to specify protocols that precisely define the interaction between the VMEbus and devices interfaced to it; d) to provide terminology and definitions that describe the system protocol; e) to allow a broad range of design latitude so that the designer can optimize cost and/or performance without affecting system compatibility; f) to provide a system where performance is primarily device limited, rather than system interface


ICS-code 35.160
Engelse titel VME64bus - Specification



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