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Information technology - Systems and software engineering - Application management

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Commissie Software and systems engineering
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2015
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NEN-ISO/IEC 16350 establishes a common framework for application management processes with well-defined terminology that can be referenced by the software industry. It contains processes, activities, and tasks that apply during the stage of operation and use from the point of view of the supplier organization that enhances, maintains, and renews the application software and the software-related products such as data-structures, architecture, designs, and other documentation. This International Standard applies to the supply, maintenance, and renewal of applications, whether performed internally or externally with respect to the organization that uses the applications. Application management comprises all of the tasks, responsibilities, and activities with the aim that the support of business processes by applications continues to meet the requirements and needs of the organizations that use these applications throughout the entire life span of their business processes. This International Standard therefore focuses on the following:  - day-to-day management of applications (the software) and the related data structures and support of costumer organizations, including handling calls such as incidents and service requests;  - maintenance and renewal of applications and data structures in accordance with changing requirements and needs;  - opportunities, threats, and changes in the business and/or technology that influence the future of the applications and, based on that, the strategy for maintaining and renewing the applications;  - organization and strategy of application management organizations. Before retirement, the life cycle of an application consists of two important stages: the stage of initial development of the application and the stage of operation and use (when the software is in use, in operation, supported, modified, and renewed). This stage of operation and use is the subject of this International Standard. The initial development of an application is not within the scope of this International Standard, however the project that is responsible for the initial development has to take the requirements of the application management organization that will enhance and maintain the application into consideration. This means that the application management organization will ask the project to deliver initial requirements, architecture products, design, standards, and other documentation, in order to use these products during enhancement and maintenance.


ICS-code 35.080
Engelse titel Information technology - Systems and software engineering - Application management



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