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Information technology - RapidIO(TM) Interconnect Systems

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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2005
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The Input/Output Logical Specification is part of RapidIO's logical layer specifications that define the interconnect's overall protocol and packet formats. This layer contains the transaction protocols necessary for end points to process a transaction. Another RapidIO logical layer specification is described in Partition II: Message Passing Logical Specification. The logical specifications do not imply a specific transport or physical interface; therefore they are specified in a bit stream format. At the lower levels in the RapidIO three-layer hierarchy, necessary bits are added to the logical encoding for the transport and physical layers. RapidIO is targeted toward memory-mapped distributed memory systems. A message passing programming model is supported to enable distributed I/O processing. Partition I: Input/Output Logical Specification defines the basic I/O system architecture of RapidIO.


ICS-code 35.100.30
Engelse titel Information technology - RapidIO(TM) Interconnect Systems



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